Make, Sculpt and Draw

A highly creative one off session. Participants will create a mixed media, 3D sculpture, which they will then draw & perhaps photograph.


Tue, 20 Jun 2017
13:00 to 16:00



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Develop your interest in drawing & sculpture by attending this short intensive session.
Our experienced tutor will guide you through the process of creating a mixed media sculpture, which you will then draw & perhaps photograph.
You will look at relevant examples of great works of art in the quest to improve your knowledge and creativity.

Please bring a sketchbook, pencil and any other dry drawing media you like to use, such as chalk pastels, biros, coloured pencils, etc.
Please also bring a small cardboard box, such as a shoe box, so that you can take your sculpture home. If you have a smart phone or camera, please bring that also, so that you can take photos of you work under different light.



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The tutor

Tim Morrison